Top Cheap Laptop Brands

PC shipments graphWith so many different kinds of computers on the market these days, it can be hard to choose the perfect brand. In this article, we will take a look at the top rated, yet cheap laptop brands on the market right now.

If you are looking for a good but cheap computer that gets the job done, take a look at HP. HP is a brand made to cater to those on a budget. They are known to deliver good computers at a reasonable price, and they are certainly a reliable brand. For the student, the teacher, the office guy, or a home business owner, these computers provide exactly what you would expect them to.

Another good brand is Dell. Sometimes Dell gets a bad rap, but the truth is that they bring decent hardware to the table for a good price. Dell makes great computers for students. A lot of their laptops are small, portable, and efficient, making them perfect for a trip to a study session or a class. Dell is constantly releasing new computers, and they get better each time.

Lenovo is known to be a good choice. Lenovo makes laptops that rival the likes of Dell, and for good reason. Many students rely on Lenovo to get from class to class and many adults rely on Lenovo to execute their business affairs. You might ask why, and that is an easy question to answer. In short, Lenovo creates good computers at a good price. For writers on a budget, Lenovo is a great choice. Lenovo leads the notebook industry in the keyboard department.

The last brand to mention is Asus. Yes, I am aware that Asus makes top of the line computers as well as budget laptops, but they are still a great brand. Asus really understands what the customer needs, and they know how to deliver it and at what price. Asus is probably the most reliable brand on the market, for many reasons. Asus actually makes hardware for other computers, as well as their own, unlike brands like Dell and HP. Asus’ prices vary, but they also have cheaper laptops that are perfect for anything you could imagine. Asus has fantastic hardware that will never cease to amaze. Asus I possibly the most well-rounded brand in the business.

All of these brands have been known to be reliable, but cheap as well. You could choose any of the brands mentioned and not be disappointed with the result. What computer you choose is up to you, but these are the most recommended brands, as of right now.

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