The Top 3 Refurbished Chromebooks

14chromebookChromebooks are already very affordable, but a refurbished or used one cuts down cost even more. Plenty of options are available online from Amazon, Ebay, and even some of the manufacturers. It took a decent amount of research to dwindle many capable candidates into a top three list, but here it is with each listed at less than $200.

3. HP Chromebook 14
Selling for $380 new, the used models are priced ridiculously low for about $150 (refurbished for roughly $190). Because of the build quality of this laptop, buying used will be almost like buying new.

Reminiscent of the Macbook Air in style, the HP Chromebook 14 is one of the best ChromeOS running laptops on the market. This computer was designed with usability and functionality in mind, and it delivers very well in those aspects.

Notable Features
•Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz•2 GB RAM•16 GB SSD•14” LCD Display
Flash and cloud based, as long as there is a stable internet connection, this device will work wonderfully. It could be the prettiest in this entire list.

2. ASUS Chromebook 12-inch with Gigabit WiFi
Slightly speedier than the HP Chromebook, the smaller yet brighter screen on this ASUS is worth every bit of $160-$180. The build quality for this laptop will remind people of Toshiba, and at a quick glance it looks like a Macbook Pro.

The machine runs ChromeOS better than most, for a very long time on a single charge. It utilizes its space better than the HP, making typing and general usage of this product pleasurable.

Notable Features
•Intel Celeron dual-core 2.16 GHz•2 GB RAM•16 GB SSD•11 hour battery life
This laptop is a very smart choice for college and high school students. Weighing only 2.5 pounds, there is no lugging this thing around. With its Gigabit Dual-Band ultra fast WiFi, this laptop is one of the lightest and fittest Chromebooks on the planet.

1. Samsung Chromebook 11.6”
Comparatively quick as the others above, this Chromebook features a specially designed chipset. It has a much better webcam than the others. It offers the very best overall in design, perfomance, and cost.

Although not as highly rated on Amazon as the ASUS, this laptop could be the most future proofed option. Samsung has been working very closely with Google to deliver some of the best notebooks running ChromeOS on the market. The other companies don’t have the same amount of research and development, which is why this Samsung Chromebook tops the list.

Notable Features
•Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual-core•2 GB RAM•16 GB SSD•Similar WiFi capabilities as the ASUS•Ultra portable
The most lightweight, and almost as pretty as the HP, this laptop is a perfect introduction computer into ChromeOS. For just $180 it’s the solution to many buyers remorse when dealing with budgeted laptops.

Chromebooks come from many suppliers, and all have a low cost attached. Refurbished is definitely the smartest purchasing method, especially when a lot of careful consideration goes into the production quality of each.

ChromeOS is slowly becoming the cornerstone of budget laptops. It’s doing so because it doesn’t need to sacrifice functionality in order to shave costs. Chromebooks are also the only way you’re going to find a cheap laptop that doesn’t have a cheap look. Of all the products that were combed through, most of them had an Apple-like appeal. And all of them are worth their bargained prices.

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