Chromebooks versus Cheap PC’s

ChromeMost people think they are limited to Windows or Apple when searching for a laptop. Those who have budgets then feel even more confined to just cheap PC’s. This isn’t the reality. Chromebooks are another viable option, and in many cases a solution to budget buyer woes.

Google has been developing its own computer software called ChromeOS. Third party companies like Samsung have then made very affordable laptops to help drive the platform. This is similar to how Microsoft does Windows.

However, some major differences do exist. A cheap PC is exactly how it sounds. Hand-me-down components, and left-behind specifications. This isn’t to say that all budget friendly PC’s are bad though. There are a few gems in the trash pile, but finding them requires a little digging that most consumers don’t have time, patience, or proper education for.

A Chromebook hides nothing. They represent themselves for exactly what they are at face-value. Nobody is discouraged in this regard, because they know what the machine is capable of. More importantly, they know exactly how they would use one. As an internet consuming, media friendly device, Chromebooks will not be popular with people who are uncomfortable with cloud computing.

A cheap PC will do what it can to hide all it doesn’t offer. Using bigger hard drives and Windows as their primary features, the average cheap PC will still cost roughly $100 more than a Chromebook. Any PC that is around the same price will have nowhere near the same amount of quality. They most certainly won’t be as fast.

In fact, if speed is a consumers main goal, it would be wise to go with a Chromebook. Most cheap PC’s aren’t running solid-state drives, but all Chromebooks are. Also, build quality is going to be an issue more so with a cheap PC.

The standard that Google holds companies accountable for is not the same as Microsoft’s. One is about sales, and the other is about growth. ChromeOS is still learning about itself, and how it can best fit into todays world. Windows doesn’t have to try as hard, but it also isn’t as optimized to be run using budgeted parts.

The Chromebook knows who its main customer is and will be. Windows hopes to maintain figures and appearances.

The best thing a PC has going for it is additional functionality. It will work like a traditional computer, whereas ChromeOS introduces a new way to think about productivity. Some people can’t change, while others are more than willing.

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